What kind of routine should I have as a SAHM?


Okay now that we’ve discussed how to get out of never-ending same day cycle, I wanted to give a bit of practical advice on what kind of routine a stay-at-home mom can create. First, how does a routine help stop the ‘everyday is the same day’ cycle? Here’s a few reasons you want to do this:

* It gives you a sense of reality
* It gives you something to look forward to and to prepare for
* It gives you a framework to switch in and out activities

So what do you do? What kind of routine? I asked these questions so much and I found little online to help me (this was nearly 10 years ago so you may find plenty of help now). But I felt I needed to answer this question….

A routine for mom when you have a newborn to toddler ages

When you have a baby 2 and under your day goes very much around baby and naps.

The early morning really goes by your baby, when baby wakes up or if your baby needs to eat first, etc. But this might give you some ideas…

*Wake up
*Have Your Quiet Time with the Lord (SO important)
*Maybe you can get in exercise (try a 5-10 minute exercise routine) or just get yourself dressed (don’t expect to have time to shower, this might be evenings or night-time)
*Get baby dressed/nurse
*Play with Baby
*Go to a mom group or baby class (library storytime was great for us starting around 18 months)
*Depending on your baby you may have morning nap before or after any of this
*Afternoon nap (you might just need to sleep yourself! or do some “me” time but some crazy people use this time to clean)
*Afternoon snack and play with baby
*You may be able to do some cleaning or dinner prep
*Hubby is home and let him help 🙂 (try to enjoy the evening with hubby while still playing with baby)

Honestly girls, this is all you can do when baby is 2 and under. And really you might not be able to even do THAT, but it’s a guide so you have some idea.

What helped me a lot, especially in the next age group I’ll talk about below, was to create specific kinds of play. So maybe a few days we’d play with blocks and cars (I had boys first), then switch to coloring, painting and other artsy thing, then maybe water play and rolling the ball around. You can also attempt to do different things during the out of the house time (like maybe errands instead of a class or group). That way it wasn’t always just the same thing.

A routine for 3-5, preschool-aged kids (specifically when they are not going to a preschool)

So things are getting better but at this stage many ladies are again pregnant or now handling a new baby, so yeah life gets interesting. Still try to have a routine so you don’t go crazy and kids know what to expect.

*Early morning (if you have any time without kids): Wake up, have your QUIET TIME with the Lord (seriously 5 minutes of prayer does wonders, if you can’t do it in the morning do it at nap or at night when Hubby can kinda watch the kids, get in at least – at least 5 minutes a day until you can do more… time will pass and it’ll get better)
*If you can in the morning still get exercise, then FOR SURE get dressed…showers might be at night or naptime but get out of those pajamas!
*Dress/nurse new baby
*Dress your preschooler
*Play with kids (if you want this is a great time to do an organized learning period, reading, shapes, help mom cook, learning a simple chore)
*Go to the park or a storytime (this isn’t everyday but basically get out of the house!)
*Depending on if you have another baby you may do morning nap before or after any of this
*Afternoon nap (most kids will nap until they are 4! Blessings. if not yours, I highly recommend an afternoon quiet time so you can have a nap or “me” time)
*Afternoon snack and play with kids
*You may be able to do some cleaning or dinner prep while kids play with each other or on their own
*Hubby is home and let him help 🙂 (try to enjoy the evening with hubby while still playing with baby)

I won’t put any routines for older kids because most moms have an idea of what they are doing after kids are 5 years old (plus school fills up a lot of time). But I if you want I can post some ideas of quiet time and free-time activities for older ones.

Now keep in mind this a ROUTINE not a schedule.

Do you have to follow it? NO! That’s insanity. You figure out what’s best for your family: your kids might not like storytime or may nap differently or maybe you want to do your cleaning before the kids wake up.

I think routines rock and schedules suck. But if you like using a schedule (with specific days and specific times) or some combination of both routines and schedules, that’s cool too. When my kids were under 4 I did use a combo of schedule and routine.

This is only a post on my blog because in the very beginning I had NO I-D-E-A, none, of how in the world I should lead my day. You are the leader, but if you are lost your children will be. It’s all about motherhood creation, and yours is unique to you.

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