So you like to read?  So do I!  I love words and when I realized I could use words to affect peoples hearts and minds I knew I had to be a writer.  Writing about motherhood is necessary for we need concrete and full information, not partial blog articles, in this journey.  We need someone who can be there to guide us step-by-step.  Blogs are good but most just get deep; videos are very helpful but again they generally don’t impact like books.  Books can explain on a level that is just missing online.

This page will give you:

  • A list of books helpful for motherhood
  • A list of books helpful for life and adulthood
  • A list of children’s books
  • HOW I find time to read.
  • Access to all of my public book Giveaways (to access private book giveaways join my email list here)
  • Info about my books