Practical Motherhood

You CAN be a Practical Mother

Seriously ladies we just gotta stop and be more practical. Stop thinking we are little Ms. Homemaker. Stop thinking our kids can be this perfect idea or can be in several activities and not freak out. Stop thinking we can do every craft, every decorating idea, every homemade meal. We just gotta stop with the outrageous expectations. How? That’s the real question….

Maybe your question is different. Maybe your question is why?
Why can’t I keep my house spic and span? Why can’t I take my kids to the park every week, read non-twaddle books every time, always be ready for bedtime cuddles and singing lullabies? I’m not saying you can’t. You can… if you can.

Nothing is wrong with doing these things but we do have to think in practical terms too.

I remember watching a Youtube video with a mom doing bedtime with her kids. It was a lovely video as she came home from Sunday night church and put all (four, I believe) of her kids to bed. Brushing teeth, singing, cuddling with each — separately. It had to have taken more than an hour as she took her time reading several books and just laying with each. I was so surprised by this I had to ask, do you really do this every night?

Her reality, her response was yes, most nights. Some nights not as long as others, and sometimes she did fall asleep during time with one of them and didn’t get to the others. But I realized, that’s great if she can do that. That doesn’t mean I have to or that I even can! We have to do what is practical for each of us and stop trying to be someone else — even if that someone is just the idea you held in your mind. That ideal of a mother we all strive to be. Just drop it!

We can’t be “her” whoever that is. We can do our best but some days, many days, we aren’t going to be “her”. Our kids just won’t let that happen lol. We won’t let that happen. Money won’t let that happen. Time limitations, resources, know-how just won’t let that happen!

Practical motherhood…

Eating what fits in your budget and your time. If it’s homemade nice, but if it’s lunchables, so be it.
Making up beds as much as you remember. Out the door to school, doctor appointments, just not that morning? It’s ok.
Spending time with your kids as much as you can. Work outside the home? Super busy day (or week) they will understand.

Being practical is in so many ways better than trying to be perfect.


13 comments on “Practical Motherhood

  1. This is definitely true!! We have a huge guilt complex as modern mothers but the reality is that God has given us our children and He has given our children us. He wanted me to mother my children and you to mother yours. No one else was chosen for that role and our lives are going to look a lot different from everyone else. That is not only okay, it is good.

  2. You definitely hit the nail on the head. Before becoming a parent I had this picture in my head of what Motherhood would be like. We’ll it ain’t that!! It is definitely rewarding to be a mother, in so many ways, but in other ways it sucks. Like energy-draining sucks. So I get that we all have to do what works for us in a way that is meaningful for our families. And not feel guilty about doing so <3 One of my favorite quotes is "Comparison is the thief of Joy."


  3. Love this! Trying to be perfect is stressful and often unattainable, resulting in that awful “mom guilt.” It’s great to be honest with ourselves about what is possible. Being practical to me just seems like being honest.

  4. I believe nobody is truly perfect and that’s what is perfect about us! You don’t have to have the perfect crafts, perfect snacks, etc. etc. if you LOVE your kids and they love you (AND if you try to keep them healthy by eating healthy as much as you can afford because that’s a base for their future life and health – I know if from my experience) 🙂 loved your post 🙂

  5. I’m expecting my first baby and I’m already overwhelmed with all the expectations on me! I also vote for a practical motherhood! I promise I’ll make a wonderful life for my little one but in no way I’ll be perfect!

  6. I LOVE this … it really can be tough getting caught up in trying to be the “perfect” mom that sometimes you don’t enjoy the little things. So I try to remind myself everyday that even if the house is a mess and plans do goes as plan, if we are spending time together as family having fun and if we are dressed, fed an loved everyday then I am doing good!

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