Welcome to Motherhood.

This is the dream of many women…

…and yet most of us would not say we were living a dream.  Motherhood is so special and so different from the lifestyle most of us has grown up believing.  It is more work than most of us has expected.  It is more challenging than most of us prepared for, and yet, motherhood is the most worthwhile endeavor any woman could ever seek to have – and continue in. 
  • It is God-ordained and therefore GOOD and necessary.  This is not something you can or should seek to escape (although there are times to seek refreshment).
  • It is a position of authority, responsibility and joy (Joy is ongoing settled contentment; it more than a feeling, it is a stance in life that needs cultivating)
  • It is hard-work and we need to consistently restore the strength we endow upon our home and family

Anytime you don’t know what you are doing, especially in a position of responsibility, you will become overwhelmed and sincerely burdened with the task.  How miserable!

Knowing what you are doing in motherhood gives you so much power and confidence.  So I’ve compiled a list of how-tos and empowering resources for you to restore your strength, cultivate your joy and see the challenges as small tools in building the dream of motherhood.

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