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Mom Strength, Purpose and Passion


We all need to know that we have purpose in this life. Being a mother and, from my perspective, especially a mom at home, you can feel so purposeless. You know what you are doing is important. You know what you are doing matters; spending that extra time with those that live and breathe and could change the whole world. All of this will allows you to have an open door with that little person as he is growing.

You are laying a foundation, a path for your children. Not only that but you are also giving peace, order and strength to your husband. I know it doesn’t look like it daily, but the overall view is that




And yet, day after day you feel drained and lacking purpose.  It feels like nothing matters, at least, nothing you are doing.

Now, everything you’ve read of my blog will probably tell you that my go to answer will be to serve, to give, to reach for selflessness. But not this time, this time I’m going to say something different. I’m going to tell you that always giving, serving, and putting yourself away IS the very thing that is creating a hopeless confusion in you. Again I have to always put in here, that this is situational and may not be the case for you. Look at yourself, are you truly putting out and having a serving attitude? Is this a regular motivation for you? Because if it is, overtime you will wipe the bowl of your energy clean.

Of course you can refill your bowl but most of the time we are putting in only bits and parts. Bits and parts that are empty calories giving you only spurts of energy (I know the analogy is getting long but stick with me). Now there are two things that will help us to run on energy all day. I have made a post about the Mom Power which talks extensively about the first one and that is

Filling up on God’s Word everyday

That means taking time to seek Him in prayer and then taking His words to heart. Seeing His promises are real and they are for you. Read His word everyday – everyday! This is the only true hope we have for this life and the next.

The second thing that will help you have energy and purpose to your day is

Engage in your strengths

I think we all recognize that the Lord has also made us unique with individual strengths. These strengths are also things that we generally want to do all the time. It could be teaching, communicating, baking, organizing, sewing, designing, singing, fitness, babysitting, etc. If you think about it you will see clearly that there is at least one thing that you enjoy and do fairly will. Once you find it, make time to do it. This could mean serving others (and in a different way from the daily gride this can be uplifting to those whose strength is serving and giving), it also could be something that really only you would appreciate or benefit by (reading books or journaling, etc.). But whatever it is, doing it is the key.

This is something that us moms tend to put to the side. Well, its obvious that many times during motherhood we have to put ourselves to the side but if at all possible DO NOT allow yourself to get buried. I did. I practically forgot what I enjoyed, who I was and what my goals were, for years. For me it is writing and I was so buried that even when I tried to write I couldn’t. I gave that up as even an option and that left me in a dark place. A place of no purpose, no hope, no choices or chances. You don’t have to go there.

If you are feeling lackluster and it’s been increasing for some time, review

* what are your passions
* what are your goals
* what are your strengths

Do everything you can to get back to that. At least one night a week, a month! Hire a babysitter, or see if your parents, sister, aunt will help you out. If you don’t engage in your strengths, what makes you unique, you will not be inspired or hopeful enough for those little ones you are leading.

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