How do I end the ‘Everyday is the same day’ cycle?

Everyday is the same day! AH! Help me, I just feel like I’m stuck in a cycle of neverending poopy diapers.

I used to tell my husband that I actually know what it’s like to live in the old movie Groundhog Day. Do you know of this movie? I know I’m getting old but maybe you know what I’m talking about. When I saw this movie as a teenager it was something I found interesting and funny… that is until it was me. Then I thought I was going to go crazy, in earnest. Without anyone interjecting, everyday was the exact same.

Some stay at home moms don’t have friends, they don’t have family and sadly many don’t have church! I can say if it wasn’t for church (every Sunday and Wednesday) that I may have lost a bit of sanity and ended up doing something hurtful to myself or my child. God is good ladies! If you don’t have Him as your Savior, get Him


The motherhood creation process is scathing without Him. You need help and He says He will never leave you nor forsake you, even when your father and mother does (or if they already did before you even had kids). He is always there. Pray to Him and ask Him to forgive you of going against Him. Ask Him to show you who He is and how you can be renewed and know His Son Jesus.

It was only God that got me through that never-ending same day cycle. You hardly sleep because of baby, you wake up to a morning that you already saw coming on (because you were awake at first light). Your day goes on and before you know it, it’s dinner. If you are like me, you try to stay up after baby is in bed, hoping for some resemblance of yourself or of distraction from reality (Netflix anyone?). But deep down you feel unaccomplished and bored, everyday. BORED!!

My goodness I thought I was bored as a teenager, I had no idea.

My problem was I had no inspiration, motivation or innovation to use my time wisely. I thought that was boredom… and I was but I also had plenty of things and people dictating my schedule. School, college, jobs, parents. I had lots of input and output to my life, and most of all opportunities. Then to come out of all of that, now mature with many dreams and aspirations but no order to it.

Coming out of the workplace, which gives you 8+ hours of scheduled reality, into the world of no schedule except the frequent alarm of baby cries. It leaves you not only confused but also bored. Let’s not forget there is a huge lack of input, output and opportunities. Not much can be done with all those thoughts and dreams when you are needed to change and feed baby at least every other hour. You cannot do much not until either baby gets a bit older or you get a faithful babysitter. But I lacked both options plus I didn’t know how to go about my day.


There was no rhythm.

So what’s a rhythm?

It’s the flow or tune of your everyday. Just as the sun peeks out in the morning and ever lightens the sky until it is its brightest, then it warms into afternoon and evening and dims into twilight. This is a flow. The Lord allows the tide to wash in and push out, it is consistent and brings comfort to many who like to visit the shore.

This is how your day should go. A flow or tune. This rhythm can go by 2 methods, either a routine which is a lot more flowy or a schedule which gives more structure, like a bird methodologically building her nest. There is a time and purpose for each but generally a routine works best for moms with young children.

It took me a long time to get a flow going for my home but I don’t want you to have to go the long way around. So I created a post that maps out my actual routine for when I had babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

As moms we are always learning and always renewing. But I am seeing that some things are foundational and I go back to them again and again. Two of these I’ve mentioned here:

having a routine and

having Christ as your Savior.

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