What is Motherhood Creation?

I’ve been thinking of the idea of Motherhood Creation for a while now, however, recently I’ve heard the term Mother Culture. I love that idea. It is inspiring mom to become more educated, more creative, learning not only more about mothering and homemaking but about

herself and the world she lives in.

In a sense, schooling herself, but not by demands of some establishment, sacrificing time with her children or putting off her home duties. No, but on her own learning how to care for her family and also to enjoy other ideas. To make time for improving herself. By all means, a woman should cultivate her own life as she is cultivating the garden of children placed before her.

I mention this because it would be incomplete to tell you what motherhood creation is, leaving out ‘Mother Culture’. We women can so easily fall into doing so much for others and forget about ourselves. Which, in effect, leaves us unable to fully engage those we are to tend.

So what exactly is Motherhood Creation?

It is the creation of a new part of you. A part of you that you didn’t even consider was there.

The making of a new person that is much the same and yet, through the pressure placed upon her, is now revealed as so much more. It is like the butterfly from the caterpillar. Inching along, enjoying life and it seems you have found a way of life that is satisfying enough.

Then you have a baby or become pregnant and your circumstances change. Perhaps you are very ill or gain more weight than you even imagined. Perhaps after baby comes you slowly lose your friends because they don’t have kids or have kids and no longer have the amount of time they once had for you. Perhaps your baby or child is difficult to deal with or just the normal needs of the child is more than you were prepared to handle. A number of challenges and you time is sucked up in addressing those.

Mothering is a lifelong challenge that can better you. Honestly, it must be bettering you, otherwise you wouldn’t be surviving it.

And you are surviving!

But you must get passed survival mode in order to know the purpose behind becoming mom. The purpose that is changing you from the self-centered cocoon you were before into the ‘others-centered’ butterfly that is mom. Yes, a tired butterfly, but one that keeps flapping her extraordinary wings no matter what she’s up against. That’s who you are to your children –

an ever-fluttering, beautifully captivating butterfly.

The challenges in motherhood will always be there. Always pushing you further away from self and further into the one that God has created you to be. Motherhood creation is thus the movement of self to Savior, changing you inside and out to be more like Christ, to be less like how the world says a mom should be, a woman should be. Motherhood creation is taking the rips and tears in your soul and healing them as you take on the loving care of children who will make you think outside of yourself. And all of this is for a purpose beyond what has been popularized as modern motherhood.

Would you like to read more about the purpose behind motherhood creation? I’ve written a post called Becoming Mom that tells it. I’m also working on a short e-book called by the same name, Motherhood Creation.. Join my mailing list to get updates about the book, but also get tips about how to daily walk in the creation of your own motherhood journey.

8 comments on “What is Motherhood Creation?

  1. Rose this is lovely. Motherhood is a rebirth for many women… each time too… no matter how she reaches motherhood. And making sure we each find ways to heal while caring for our families is often harder because of jaded society comments. But we can do it and it will make us stronger, especially when we surround ourselves with people who will encourage us each step of the way.

    1. Amen! But isn’t it hard to find those people? Sometimes we can’t find those people but God is always available 🙂 I just read Isaiah 41:10 this morning.

  2. This is so beautiful. I love how you talk about the cocoon and butterfly. I’ve felt that way when I became a mom. Its true that as moms we need to find ways to look after ourselves and be the beautiful women God has made us to be.

  3. I like the term Motherhood Creation and Mother Culture. Being a mom is definitely life-changing. It grows you in ways you never imagined.

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