Practical Motherhood

You CAN be a Practical Mother

Seriously ladies we just gotta stop and be more practical. Stop thinking we are little Ms. Homemaker. Stop thinking our kids can be this perfect idea or can be in several activities and not freak out. Stop thinking we can do every craft, every decorating idea, every homemade meal. We just gotta stop with the outrageous expectations. How? That’s the real question…. Read More

Top 2 Alternative Ways of Getting Things Done in the Home

Getting Things Done at Home

Getting things done in the home, for me, is that I try to do it all my own.  Now certainly my husband has certain tasks he does regularly, perhaps yours do too:

  • Keeping gas in the vehicles
  • Taking out the trash
  • Doing the bills

Yet home management entails so many tasks that a girl is left with few options besides carrying the world on her shoulders.  And yet, Read More

Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome!  So glad you have visited.  My name is Rose Barnett and my desire is to help moms, particularly moms of littles, stay encouraged, gain strength, and see their purpose for each day.  I am an author and long-time blogger, I’m also a homeschooling mother of 3.

If you love posts that are positive and motivating please join me here.  I plan to blog on Fridays and I LOVE to build real relationships.  If you have any topics you’d like to see addressed tell me, comment below. We also can share ideas on Twitter @mRoseBarnett and Facebook here:

I look forward to knowing you much better.