Becoming Mom

In the hospital, the first time she cries you think, ‘Is that my baby?’ I have a baby. Someone that looks to me for everything. A real baby that really eats, cries and needs me? These are touching moments, esp. since your body is going through a hormonal aerobics.

But these moments in a woman’s life truly

adjusts her view on life (or at least it should if she sees the significance). How did you react when seeing two bars on the pregnancy test? Did you get a sinking feeling or just joy that you were picked to influence and guide a life that could be President, Inventor, Missionary? A man or woman that will change lives no matter what their profession is, trust me they will change the lives of others and


influence that.

Just as we touch each others lives, this child will certainly touch yours. You are forever changed by the fact that you are mom. Even if you did not choose to be, God already chose you. No matter the circumstances of the conception…no matter your preparedness, your maturity, your desire for it – God chose you. Your choices does not change His choice. So now how will you use your opportunity for this great calling?

Becoming mom doesn’t mean you are a maverick, a genius or a super-heroine with unlimited energy. At times it feels like just the opposite, it feels like your children sap your energy and make you feel like the biggest goof!

I will have my quiet time in the morning, do my workout routine and feel energetic, motivated, inspired. Then the breakfast hour and seriously by 9am I’m done. I am mentally drained, emotionally weakened and then supposed to homeschool?
Ha, those mornings are quite interesting, and yet I know I’m not alone. You too are not alone. Becoming mom is not having a magazine-worthy home, homemade treats for after-school snack nor is it being at every Girl Scout/soccer/PTA/Honor Roll/Chess/yougetthepoint meeting.


is cultural perfectionism.

So what does becoming mom mean?

Motherhood Creation happens at each

Tender moment
Eye-to-eye with your child
Time after time, loving them when they are unloving
Encouraging them so they will make better choices

Motherhood creation has a purpose – You learning the unselfish perspective of a servant.

I know, no one likes the servanthood aspect of becoming mom. But let’s look at it in TRUTH, instead of denial. We all know it, being mom is about serving. Serving the needs of your family. Creating a home, even if it’s not spotless (and unless you are especially gifted in cleaning and organization, it won’t be spotless most times). We truly cannot understand what motherhood is until we accept that serving is the main objective.

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