Why am I Frustrated in my Marriage?

Frustrated in my Marriage

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Sharing your life with someone else in marriage has many blessings and advantages but also frustrations. Raising children, running a home, jobs, schools, extended family all cause overwhelm which can lead to frustration and pressure in your marriage. So as I’ve been working on my friendship issues, I noticed my need for control, and ultimately the lack of it has created other issues, especially in my marriage. Imagine with me a moment…. Continue reading “Why am I Frustrated in my Marriage?”


Why Don’t I Have Strong Friendships?

Lack of Strong Friendships Image

From the Learn To Be Content Series

Developing strong friendships as an adult is hard work. Many adults, young mothers in particular, don’t have strong friendships since they take time that we don’t have. Seems like everything as an adult takes work and takes maneuvering, but some things, no matter how much planning or crafting you put into it you just can’t control the outcome. Continue reading “Why Don’t I Have Strong Friendships?”


How YOU Can Have a Motivating Morning!



Energy.  That’s what it takes to be a mother.  But how can you have the motivation each morning?  I don’t think I truly understood the term tired until I brought my first born home.  He never slept.  I mean up at night, early morning, late morning and the afternoon nap just did not happen.  It just didn’t.

Continue reading “How YOU Can Have a Motivating Morning!”


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