Thanks for visiting my site, I hope you feel welcome here.  I’m Rose Barnett, a mom just like you.

Since my first pregnancy, in which I was too sick to work or leave home much, I’ve felt strongly alone in this journey.  Not that I didn’t get some help here or there, but mostly I’m figuring it out on my own.  I wondered many times, ‘is this what it’s like to be an adult or is this just what my experience is?’  You may be feeling the same way as a woman or a mom.  We, ladies, need each other.  As SAHMs, life can be hard or at the very least boring lol.

Transitioning to full-time mom from independent working woman is also quite a deal. My first child had a few medical conditions that made things more challenging and top that off with a dashed expectation of having A LOT more help than was received. It was almost entirely me and my man against the world and against ourselves!  Getting out of laziness, undisciplined use of time, bad habits and self-centeredness is a challenge unlike any other.  As I made this journey along I stumbled and fell on my face (and still do) but I did make progress. 

Along the way I realized I wasn’t the only woman who didn’t have practical instructions of life and motherhood.  I hated thinking of others going through what I went through, without any help – help that I could offer. I felt certain I could help others and I started by wanting to write books about how to DO motherhood.  I could also blog and even make Youtube videos.

My main purpose with this blog is to encourage and motivate moms to NOT give up, to find themselves, to find options, to find hope in their situations. 

When I write I write to every mom just like me. You may not be like me and that’s okay. However, the style of my writing is – I KNOW what you are thinking 🙂 I know how you feel and in some cases I even write what you might think or say. Not because I know you, but because I know what I would have wanted to here and what I would have wanted someone to do with me. I am honest, straight-forward and love to teach. So you may get some of this in my writing. I’m no expert, I’m just a mom like you. I’m definitely open to discussion about how to do this, as we all have our own stories, charm and wisdom.

If you find any of this interesting or helpful for your situation, please I’d love to engage with you more.  Email me, contact me, I’m on Twitter and Facebook (although my email is fastest).  Join my newsletter so you can get updates from me.

Biggest deal is don’t just read this blog but comment.  That way I know what’s working, and what your needs are.  I also get to know you better.